Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baltimore Business

JGD has moved to Baltimore! We still have connections in Cincinnati and would love to continue working with current and new clients in both Baltimore and Cincinnati (and anywhere else!)

Each step to move JGD forward has been met with challenges: of finance, of transitions, of new ways of communication, of new technology, of new ideas, of new jobs, of new clients, of new regulations (we could keep going and list everything but why waste the time and blogspace!). But I assure you we are persevering and working to make it an exciting design agency where creativity thrives and brims over into our clients' ads, brochures, websites, graphics, social networks, etc....

To sum it up nicely, Jeremiah Good, our creative director says this:

"Creativity wells up within me. Creating exciting compositions and thinking outside the box keep me inspired: to focus on the task at hand, to be ready to take on the next challenge. As a freelance graphic designer I jump at the opportunities to explore new concepts and projects that help people live more adequately. I believe that making something exciting to look at is just as important for the shirt in the store as it is for the canvas on the wall or the photo in the album. Each detail is important, each color chosen specifically, and each character kerned and tracked to communicate that specific message.

That's what I do."

And that's the way it's going to continue to be. If you have ideas, comments or questions, we're always open to them.

There are many ways to reach us. You can leave a comment here on Blogspot. You can LIKE us on Facebook. Or you can send an email to jeremiahgooddesignATgmail.com. We love to hear back from our fans, clients, friends and potential clients. 

Note: We're working on our website (see pic below) which will go live in the coming months. Stay connected on here and Facebook for updates on what we're doing.

More to come!

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