Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Explore Art

"The static routine of the workplace can narrow our minds. Enlarge your creative scope through regular explorations of the vast territory known as The World of Art (both past and present). 

Exploring art is a lifetime journey.

When you explore art, travel lightly: leave preconceptions and opinions behind. Explore galleries, museums, bookstores (new and used), libraries, artist's studios. Meet other designers and find out what they are doing now and what has influenced them in the past. Many cities host a gallery walk at least once a month. How about an art history class?"

This is an excerpt from Creative Sparks, written by Jim Krause, and it offers one a chance to both return to a former schooling and embrace new inspiration.

If, as a designer/artist/professional you find yourself too busy to explore the ever-expanding World of Art, then here are some steps I've come up with to let loose of those tight guidelines that box you in. In this case, embrace Taco Bell's mantra: Think outside the box.
  1. Eat more Taco Bell. It may not be a 5 star restaurant, but you can choose another fast food (could be a chain) to fill up on as you step outside your normal routine of trying to eat healthy.
  2. Make a board of all the small notes you write on a given day and post it on the bathroom door to remind you that when you're in the commode, deadlines, phone calls, photo edits and dreaded emails are on hold for at least 3 more minutes. Enjoy your peace.
  3. Visit a 1950s-meets-2020s diner in the middle of Baltimore, MD. The Lost City Diner thrives on the futuristic space living as the servers parade around in WWII-inspired fashion. You'll love Saturn.
  4. Sit down to a game of Bonkers and let the board change with every roll of the dice!
  5. Call someone you haven't talked to in 3 months and let them tell you what they've been doing! Listen intently and ask questions to let them know you're following along. And smile—they can hear it in your voice.
  6. Turn off all electronic devices, take out a book and read through to the end. You'll increase your knowledge on the subject matter and invest in becoming a better person—and a better reader! 150 pages later you'll be a new person.
If you have more ideas, leave them in the comments below. Thanks!

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