Monday, January 2, 2012

An Honest List

2012 is here!

We are super excited at the prospect of freshness that comes with change, particularly in this case, a new year! The past 4 years have been exciting as JGD gained new clients, tried new gigs, explored new designs, convinced potential customers (probably scared a few away too!) and managed to relocate from Cincinnati to Baltimore. We expanded our playing field in 2010 with our Business Page on Facebook. We transformed the logo of Peppe Ramundo & Son. We turned over some business cards and designed some fun event posters, CDs and DVDs for Central Parkway Church of God. We increased in experience and applied new consulting techniques.

2012 presents us with new opportunities to work with clients in both Cincinnati and in Baltimore! With the ease of transferring files online we'll stay connected to you for effective and efficient econonomical services.

So, you're probably asking, "Where's the honest list?" Here it is.
  1. If someone asked me what love was I'd quote John 3:16.
  2. When you call me, I smile as I answer to phone.
  3. Each day that passes isn't wasted, but it cannot be recreated.
  4. When Adobe© Illustrator crashes I get vexed.
  5. I love to design cards, logos, posters, ads, tshirts, fliers, brochures, maps, and books.
  6. Sometimes I would rather read a book like "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie.
  7. My wife is my biggest fan.
  8. We have 2 cats that inspire us—they at least entertain us!
  9. My ambitions have grown but sometimes I don't like what I have to do to get to those ambitions!
  10. As a graphic designer I still don't know everything I want to know about the design world, how it works, who does the best work, and what it takes to get there, but I'm learning.
  11. Life is boring without challenges.
  12. You can live on a budget and still have fun!
  13.  God puts people in our lives to help us see more of Him.
  14. There are good ways of saying bad things, but sometimes that doesn't prevent the pain.

15.  Save and Control/Command + S often.
16.  If life had Control/Command + Z we wouldn't know how to use it without abusing it!
17.  Being a graphic designer doesn't mean anything until you help a client improve his/her life.
18.  A dose of humility is far easier to deal with than a dose of hostility.
19.  Admitting I'm wrong isn't as easy as Staples says. I would rather not push any more buttons.
20. This list isn't complete without you; JGD strives hard to meet the deadlines, create original artwork and dazzle your eyes.

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